I’m afraid of him

Of him who has captured my eyes the first time we met.

I’m afraid of her

Of her who can undoubtedly judge every single step I take.

I’m afraid of them

Of them who often offer a sugar-coated friendship in the beginning and give a bitter taste in the end.

I’m afraid of you

Of you who can see right through all my facade.

I’m afraid of God

Of God who barely exists and won’t take my apology.

I’m afraid of the universe

Of the universe who controls my fate as long as I live.

I’m afraid of a mirror

Of a mirror who always forgets to forgive and believe.


Been a Good Day

A beautiful face resembles an angel,

How can you actually alive?

It’s so hurt to look at you because that angelic face of yours could punch my gut with a glance.

People adore you but you seem to never notice them.

I’ve paid you a compliment and you smile even brighter.

How I wonder the times when you feel bad about yourself.

Nothing on you screams trouble.

Maybe you’re a little naive but that’s okay.

You’re so remarkably kind which annoys me sometimes.

They tend to fool you but you say that’s fine.

Oh you with an angel heart,

I look upon you all night.

The way you talk, smile, and breathe,

I know them perfectly clear.

That’s why I’m here.

It’s been a good day but it won’t hurt to sit for a while when the day has come to an end.

Evening Question

Mr. Night, can you hear me?

Or, should I address you with your surname?

Surely, Evening is way more enticing.

Then again, you are always a cool charming prince.

Dark and quiet are your strongest points.

But, for me, the twinkle in your eyes is what catches me the most.

It’s subtle yet blinding.

Don’t forget the air you bring each time we cross path.

A breeze indeed.

It’s the kind of fragrance I want to breathe in every day:

Crisp, soft, and relaxing.

Ah, where are we?

Sorry I always get distracted when I think of you.

An irresistible creature that you are.

So, I’d like to ask a simple question to my dear Mister.

If you, Mr. Night, can be forever my Evening, would you paint my life with your beautiful Dawn?

Red and Blue

In the darkness of the light, you’ve saved me.

Guiding me through the never ending light that blinds me.

It was almost impossible for me to see

yet you embrace me and take us out from this overly bright sheet.

It slowly occurs to me that the path you take us to is painted in red and blue.

Those colors, they might be no use.

I still can see the light and the dark lurking behind,

And waiting,

And searching the right moment to envelop me with a pure white view which is blinding my eyes to the darkness.

“The light won’t blind you anymore,” you said.

“’cause every time it comes near you, I will paint them red and blue.”

Not So Homey

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-02 at 2.50.59 PM

I still can imagine what lays behind the window. It’s so clear that I can smell the air lingering in each corner. How the sunshine will pass through the window and highlight the bed, I still can remember it all. It brings a comfortable feeling each time I dream. Such a shame it’s all just a dream though. The window is permanently closed now. And I, I’m terrified to know what is waiting for me behind it.