Making Up a Make-up: a Story about a Woman who Loses Herself in People’s Opinion

Wearing a make-up is an activity that I like for the past one year. Shaping and emphasizing my brows make me more confident; applying DD cream and loose powder on my face help me cover pimples on my forehead; coloring my lips makes me more attractive; and, lining a black pen liner on the top of my eyelashes gives me a bigger and bolder look. I do use make-up to appear more presentable outside because I’m still not confident about my bare face. I always think that people will be disgusted by my pimples, thin brows, and pale lips and I am right about that most of the time.

It hurts actually to hear people complain about my face and appearance although almost all complaints are true, especially if you hear them from those whom you love the most. Note here that ‘love’ does not always mean a romantic feeling—respect, care, trust, and look up into are included on the list. They mostly say that I should hide my pimples with bangs so that my hair will cover them up, making me prettier and more presentable. They also say I should live a healthy life and consult them to a dermatologist so the pimples can be treated fast and clinically. Nevertheless, what they do not consider is that how I would feel to hear their supportive advice about my own beauty.

I do, however, follow their honorable advice—having bangs and buying acne treatments although I have not consulted it with a dermatologist. They keep on pushing to have an examination to a dermatologist because they think a doctor will help my skin problem(s) effectively without causing too much efforts. Nonetheless, again, they never think about the price I should pay to visit a great doctor. It is worth every penny they say but will it not be addictive?

Truth to be told, I have been thinking about visiting a dermatologist but I always draw myself back if I remember about the price and the addiction it may cause. Doing a consultation with a dermatologist and buying the medicine s/he recommends need to be done several times which lead to the total cost it has. Furthermore, do not forget about the addiction my skin will feel after I stop applying/consuming the medicine. The addiction does not always happen of course but I always have this thought about a medicine put onto my skin will somehow have a side effect if I stop using it. Therefore, I always find another option which relaxes my mind from that thought: searching skin care which can be found without waiting for a doctor’s words.

It is hard to find the perfect skin care products for my skin. Many have no effect on my acne prone skin and some pop out breakouts. I will keep searching for the right products though because with this method, I will blame myself if the products do not meet my expectation. It is true that buying and trying products cost a lot of money too but it soothes me in a way I cannot explain it now.

However, many people still criticize my look for my pimples are not gone yet. I know I should not expect them to care about me trying to do it myself and I should take their critics as a good insight but… there will always be a little part of me feeling bitter about what they say. That is why I found a Zen in make-up.

Make-up makes me more beautiful, presentable, and attractive than I am without it. It is an irony in my opinion because make-up covers my “natural” face which makes me indirectly follow those people’s sweet talk to hide my irritated skin. Yet, somehow, I feel like myself with make-up on. My professional self. My girly and flirtatious self. My confident, brave, and bold self. Although, I am also fine with my bare face. Only if I am at home.

Nevertheless, people will not always satisfy, right? They argue that I put on too much make-up on my face in such a young age, that I should be more “natural” and innocent and fresh. Make-up makes me look older because I emphasize some parts of my face, make it sharper and bolder. I know about the side effect(s) of make-up of course and I accept it. Embrace it actually because make-up protects me from the world. Who does not want to be beautiful by the way.

Unfortunately, wearing make-up also lessens my confidence. Make-up is like a paradox to me: it gives me strength that I need every time I have to go outside but on the same time it is gradually erasing my love for my own body. I realize that I always feel not enough seeing the condition of my face. Breakouts, oily skin, pores, wrinkles, etc. give a nightmare when I see my face on a mirror. Then, I will end up surfing online shops to find skin care and make-up product(s).

I want to love my face just the way it is. I want to embrace wrinkles, pimples, acnes, and acne scars as parts of me. I am still learning it even though it is very very hard. I still look into a mirror with disdain, hoping that all skin problems will eventually disappear. I am always jealous with people who have found their right skin care products to treat the skin problems. And I certainly envy some people’s healthy skin.

Well… I am surprised with what this writing has brought me to. I did not think about this before and had not mapped it first. But, here we are discussing this topic until this last paragraph. What I am trying to say is that no matter tools you have/get to make you more and/or feel beautiful and satisfied with your look, do not be ashamed to admit it. It is part of you. Nevertheless, we still have to love our naked face and body because those are what you are behind all those products attached on you. It is okay to feel ugly and unsatisfied but remember that no one will love your body unconditionally except yourself. Thus, let us try and fight together for ourselves. To love our body. To embrace our flaws.


A Mid May Night Dreams

May is almost over as well as its humidity and cool weather. You should get your bikini and sundress ready because summer is around the corner! For those who live in Europe, America, and East Asia, you can enjoy the sun and tan after hiding behind a warm blanket these past months. However, people who live in a tropical country like I do cannot feel the summer sun. But, we still can enjoy the sun like those who live in subtropical countries because we have the sun for six whole months in this dry season.

How can you enjoy the sun here? Well, if you live near a beach, you can easily go there wearing your bikini and a big straw hat then have your tan. There is no better view than sea, wave, and surfers. “But I don’t live near any beach. How should I enjoy this dry season?” you say. If you have that case, you may read this article because I will discuss about enjoying this dry season as if it’s summer for those who live far away from a beach.

To make you feel the summer vibe, you need to pull out your best short dress from your closet. But, you should be careful in choosing the short dress because you don’t want to look like you will go to a club wearing it. Therefore, you have to choose a short dress which is not too tight and sexy as in revealing every part of your body. A chiffon mid-thigh dress with open-shoulder cut and soft colors such as mauve, cream, and pale yellow can be your choice. This dress will give you a Coachella vibe with its cut, model, and materials. You may also add exotic bracelets and wear gladiator sandals to complete your look.


If you don’t have any short dress, short shorts and short skirts can be your savior by combining it with a crop top, a halter top, a tank top, or a vest. The crop top is well suited with short shorts while a halter top is better combined with short skirt. A colorful rope necklace and bracelet as well as sport shoes, glasses, and a hat will complement your outfit. It’s better to choose bright color for your clothes because it doesn’t absorb the heat. Also, remember to wear a cotton or chiffon materials so that your body can breathe properly under the sun.

Another option is that you can wear a lace tank top with short shorts combined with a necklace, a flower crown, and crisscross wedge sandals. This outfit is also great to wear to a concert or a festival due to its casual and cool look.


If you want to rock a more girly and retro look, you can wear a turquoise skirt along with a crop flower pattern shirt. For the accessories, you can wear the colorful rope necklace and plaited bracelets. Gladiator sandals, flats, or caged sandals may be the perfect choice for your feet in this outfit.


Now, you can rock the summer look in a dry season along with a glass of fruit punch in the way. So, what is your preferred outfit for the summer (or dry season)? You can post a comment to share your thought below. If you like this post, feel free to click the star button. Thank you and later, babies! XOXO AR.

Bob Away Your Long Hair

wp satu
Bob Hairstyle

Ever confused about what you have to do with your hairstyle? Doubting to cut your long hair because you’ve kept it long for years? Too lazy to search for new hairstyle? Or, terrified to experiment it? Fear not because I am here to give you a new idea about hairstyle. Actually, it’s not really new because you can find it easily on the internet but in case you need someone to push you doing it, well, that’s why I write this article.

As you may notice from the image above, I will discuss about Bob hairstyle which is still ‘in’ this year. Many hairstylists say that this style will keep on sailing for some years due to its practicality, fresh look, and varieties. ELLE UK and Marie Claire have declared that 2017, bob will be around with lob as its sister. Those two magazines list some celebrities who have this haircut and give their opinion of which is the best from them all. To be honest, those celebrities can pull any haircut and style off because, hey, let’s not be kidding, they have the best hairdresser and hairstylist. Meanwhile, we have only ourselves, friends, and family to be asked for opinion.

However, I’d like to tell you to not be afraid in getting your hair cut. Especially when it’s bob. Bob haircut has been developing into varied styles, starting from classic bob (the one Dora and Cleopatra have), asymmetric bob (the one in the picture), pixie-style bob, and, the newest one, lob. Lob is actually an acronym for Long Bob. So, it’s a bob but it’s a longer cut than a bob. Usually, the cut passes your shoulders a few inches for lob. But, still, it’s a bob. Here is the example of a lob.

wp dua
Lob Hairstyle

So, basically, if you have a bob, it will turn out to be lob months later.

Although bob is a trend today, I know many of you still doubt whether you have to cut it out or not. The first problem is usually your face. You’re afraid whether this haircut will make you look fat, especially to those who have a round face. Don’t be afraid my friends because bob will not make you look fatter if you choose the right length. For a round face like me, shoulder length bob is the best option for it can conceal your chubby cheeks and make you look younger and cooler. You may also add a little volume or curl your hair a bit to make it more alive. Avoid bangs because bangs are not suitable for our chubby cheeks. It will only make your face look rounder than before. I have experienced it myself which results in me pinning my bangs all the time. Not so cool.

The second problem, and the last, is your image. Many still think that bob can only make you look mature because of its independent and business woman style. However, bob can also make you look younger, fresh, and cooler depends on what style you choose.

wp tiga
Korean Bob Style

Ever seen those Korean artists in the high school drama they play? To make them appear younger, they usually choose bangs or bob or both of them as their hairstyles so that people who watch believe that they are ten times younger than their actual age. Just like the picture above, bob can make you look cute and young if you cut it in lines with your chin. You may also add layers here and there so that the bob will have more texture.

Finally, bob can be wear by any woman. Bob now is not only an image of independent and business women but also an image of young and cool girls. Take a look at those celebrities who pull bob haircut off with the cool and young chick vibe. Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and Dakota Johnson are the perfect example. Therefore, don’t be afraid to cut your hair into bob anymore. Try to discuss it with your hairdresser if you think you find the perfect cut because they have the best opinion for you. That’s it for today. Later, babies! XOXO AR.

A Shade of Lip(stick)

wp empat
All Lipsticks I Currently Have

Among other make-up kits I know, lipstick is my favorite and the main tool I always buy. I know lipstick when I was five years old. At that time, I watched my mother applied a bright red stick which made her lips red like a strawberry to her lips. I asked her what that was and, ever since that day, lipstick was added to my vocabulary. My first lipstick was a lip ice which I got in my fifth grade. It was a color lip balm my mom bought me because she said that I was too young to wear a lipstick so I should be satisfied with what I’ve got. At least it had color when I applied it to my lips. Then, in junior high school, I only use a lip balm because I didn’t like to wear any make-up except powder at that time. If you saw how my face looked like, you would shock to see a dull, pale, and bare face of mine. But, hey, I was not a girly teenager who tried to catch every guy’s attention so I didn’t care what anyone said to me. Then, senior high school was a bit different although I still doubted to use a lipstick. I didn’t know why, maybe because many of my girl friends use a hijab, I decided to wear a hijab to school. It was weird, really. But, I started to see the importance of wearing a lipstick for my girl friends (especially those who were famous) used them to have plump lips. At that time, my grandmother was back from Hajj and gave me an Arabian lipstick. You can say that it was my first introduction to the real lipstick. After knowing and using it, I started to buy lipstick by myself when I was in college. I forgot the what the first lipstick’s name is but I was quite disappointed because the color doesn’t suit my lips’ color and my complexion. Then, my aunt gave me my very first red lipstick from NYC no. 309. It. Was. Striking! I really love the deep color and the soft texture and the smell and, oh, don’t forget the glossy effect. It was lit. I used it almost every single time I went to campus. One time, my friend asked me what lipstick I used and said that the color suits me well.

My journey to love and buy lipstick finally began. I bought the second red lipstick which is Oriflame The One series which is called “Wrapped in Red” from my friend. It was quite expensive, about Rp120.000,00, but I got a discount so it was only Rp80.000,00. Gosh, how I love it like it was my most prized possession. It makes me look bolder, beautiful, sexy, and brave. The red color is different from the NYC lipstick. The One is bright red with matte finishing while NYC is deep red (almost burgundy) with glossy effect. In addition, The One is long lasting even if I eat greasy food and drink from a bottle or a straw. The color is still there, striking red as if I just apply it. Meanwhile, NYC is easy to brush off. I should apply it again and again after I finish eating or drinking. But, I still love it and I will buy it again.

The next lipstick is Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick no. 11. I bought it for Rp40.000,00 I think. The lipstick says that it was “Choco Town” which makes me think that the color is a deep chocolate color. However, it turns out to be NOT chocolate at all. I don’t know if it’s because of my pale lips or what but it appears to be burgundy, a deep dark burgundy. I’m quite disappointed actually but I’ve learnt to like it. As time goes by, I realize that this color makes me look older than my age actually is. Maybe it’s because of the dark color or my complexion, I don’t know but I now rarely use it. Moreover, it smudges easily even though the box says that it’s a matte lipstick.

I also bought Indéfini Silky Matte Mini Lipstick from Sophie Martin for Rp21.000,00 thanks to my friend who sells them. It comes out on a small box with four mini lipsticks (the size is about half of your pinky finger) with different colors. I don’t include it in the photo just because. I like three colors out of four and the way it smells and smudge-proofs. The mini lipstick is probably like a tester of the bigger version of Indéfini Silky Matte Lipstick because they have the same colors.

The next one is another Indéfini from Sophie Martin but it’s not a stick (the second to the right), it’s liquid lipstick named Soft Matte Lip Color. I also bought it from the same friend for Rp30.000,00 if I’m not mistaken. I chose Cherokee type which is a soft peach-pink color because I am into nude lipstick these days. This color suits me well and gives a nude lookalike on my pale lips. It also makes my thin lips become fuller (a little) due to its creamy texture. It lasts for about eight hours non-stop even if we eat or drink because it has a pigmented result. It’s also very light and soft as if we don’t use any lipstick. I always use this every day, whether for casual use or formal use. This is my most favorite lipstick so far because it complements every make-up and style. However, due to its small package, it’s easily run out. Yeah, no wonder it’s cheap.

Lastly, I have these two lipsticks from my cousin: Wardah Exclusive Lipstick no. 26 and Oriflame Pure Color type “Coral Rose” (the first and second to the left).  I like the Oriflame more because, as I said before, I am into nude make-up lately. It has a pale pink color with a glossy effect and rose fragrance. The positive side about a glossy lipstick is that it makes my lips fuller and not cracked. Thus, I usually wear this for a casual style or day-to-day use. However, just like other glossy lipsticks, it’s not smudge-proofed. Meanwhile, Wardah has a brighter color, a mix between peach, brown, and red. I like it not only because of its color but also because of its texture on my lips. It gives a matte glossy effect in the end so that my lips isn’t cracked (matte lipstick usually makes our lips crack easily due to its dry texture). I usually use this to a semi-formal event but I have also used it when I gathered with my friends. The color is not too bold yet it’s not nude either so you could actually use it everyday.

To conclude this writing about lipstick, I confidently say that lipstick is my second soulmate (the first one is held by eyebrow pencil). Lipstick gives my face a different light and angle; I can be mature, bold, sexy, young, or fresh depends on what shade I use. I can also say that to other people because lipstick gives that different vibe to those who wear them. However, we need to choose our lipstick and its color carefully for every people has a different skin tone and lip color. A nude color on my lips may be too bright or too pale on your lips. A deep color on my lips may be a nude on yours. Thus, we need to know our color first to choose the perfect shades of a lipstick. Choose wisely because what appears on an ad can be different from the actual product. That’s all my rambling about lipstick. I hope I can give you a spark of enlightenment in choosing your lipstick in the future. If you have any comment or want to give your own story, feel free to write it below. I will gladly read and respond. XOXO AR.

Wedding Bell, Beauty Rang

On April 24th, 2017, I went to my cousin’s wedding as a woman who (finally) can dress and do make-up by herself. It was a garden minimalist wedding at a guest house in which only family and close friends who were invited to the wedding. The night before the wedding, I had a what-should-I-wear-to-the-wedding panic attack which made me have to rummage my closet to find the best clothes. I tried wearing three different kebaya but it turned out to be too formal and too mature. I didn’t want to look really mature in my early 20s. I, however, wanted to have a fresh, young, and independent woman look so that people would notice me as a woman in my age not twice my age. Thus, I decided to wear a dress rather than kebaya. My choice was a green couture, knee-length dress with long sleeves and black ribbon belt in the middle. I also wear my black heels and black hand bag to match the dress. This was what I looked like.

wp satu

Came the day I was waiting (and dreading) for. The wedding started at 10:00 A.M. so I should get ready two hours before just for the make-up and hair. Because I had decided to look fresh and young, I came to a conclusion that light and natural make-up and simple hair-do were the best to create the look. Peach color lipstick and blusher (blush on) as well as natural BB cream and powder became my preferred palette. Those colors suit my complexion which is a typical skin color in Indonesian women, namely kuning langsat.

My Make-Up Kit

After deciding the palette, I started to paint my face. The first ritual was to draw my eyebrows because it took some times to have nice looking brows. When I draw my brows, I prefer to make a line on the bottom of the brow first as the outline before continuing to the upper side. I don’t dictate myself to draw my brows like those brows drawn by MUA on Instagram or Korean brows. I just follow the bone of my eyebrows and the existing line on it. Why? Because it’s actually hard to make and it doesn’t suit well to everyone. Therefore, my suggestion in drawing your own eyebrows is that see the shape of your face first and see the line of your eyebrows. Second, practice makes perfect. You have to try every shape and model of eyebrow on you and don’t forget to ask your friends whether the style is good on your face or not. Then, voila! You finally found your one and truly eyebrow style for you. I say it due to my experience in making perfect brows. I have thin eyebrows so if I don’t put any pencil on it, I will look like an ill person. That’s why I learn hard to make a nice-looking eyebrow ever since I went to college. If I talk about eyebrows, it will take a very long time and its own writing. So, let’s move on to the next part.

The second ritual was putting my BB Cream (I use Wardah natural BB Cream) and powder (I use Sariayu Kuning Gading powder). After that, I applied my Indéfini Soft Matte lip color type Cherokee from Sophie Martin on my lips. I really like the color of this lipstick because it makes my lips look fresh and natural.
The third was applying the blusher. I used Pixy number 02 on my cheek to give a there-but-not-so-there flushed look. Oh, on the picture, I use my Silky Girl blusher because Pixy has broken. Lastly, I finished my make-up by applying mascara from Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara to complete my look.

wp tiga
The Final Look

Make-up checked. Now, let’s move on to the hair. As you can see from the pictures I have posted, a simple ponytail became my best choice because I have quite short hair.  My hair is shoulder length with bob as its hairstyle. I didn’t wear it down because my hair is wavy and dry. Besides, I didn’t have much time to straighten my hair so a ponytail is the answer to my bad hair day. Off course, I straightened the hair which wasn’t tied up but that’s it. I didn’t wear any hairspray because it will only make my hair look stiffer than it usually does.

After one and a half hour long to put my make-up on, I went to my aunt’s house because we planned to go together. My aunt openly checked my style and said that I need a necklace so my neck would not be too bare. She lent her necklace to me and here I was. Now, I was ready for the wedding!

You can do these make-up and style if you have an event to go to. You may also improvise the make-up, hair-do, and dress as long as you make it simple yet stylish and fresh. For the dress, I suggest to wear a knee-length dress which fits your body. But, remember, don’t wear a tight dress which shows every inch of your curves especially in a wedding. It’s a wedding not a club or a bar. You have to be polite both in dress and attitude. You can wear a long dress if the event is held at the evening. How about pants? Well, you can wear pants off course. It’s up to you because in the end, style is about what you are comfortable in and confident about. You may experiment on everything based on your artistic skill but comfort and confident are the keys for your success.
Now, I want to ask you about your opinion on the look I have made to myself. Is it good? If not, what should I do to make my make-up/hair-do/dress look more presentable? Or, do you have another idea to share? Please, feel free to comment below and pour your ideas here. I’ll be glad to share tricks and ideas with you. Later, babies! XOXO AR.