A Thousand Plateaus

First thing first, I’d like to apologize because I haven’t posted my oh-so-long-promised writing here. I don’t know when I will publish it but I can guarantee you that I’m writing it. Now, I’d like to say a few things here regarding the hot topic happened on August 21st, 2017 until today. Yes, it’s about Chester Bennington’s death. As you may have already read from many articles, Chester was found dead in his house, hanging himself when his family was out. All news said that he hanged himself due to his depression of alcohol and drugs addiction as well as the abuse he experienced by older men when he was a child which, then, affected his mental. It’s a sad news for all Linkin Park fans and those who know him. Yet, it also makes some people angry. Not because he cowardly chose to die but he chose to give up. However, a suicide is not an unusual case today (or any other day). Many people from various occupation and age choose to end their lives. What makes Chester’s death news popular is the depression he has. If we talk about depression, we will also remember Robin Williams who, on August 11th, 2014, decided to hang himself too after combating Dementia his whole life. Dementia is quite different from depression but depression can be found in people who have Dementia. Therefore, both cases revolve around depression, more specifically, mental health. People (yes all people who live on Earth) have a big chance to get depression but some of them can conquer them and some of them choose to be conquered. Unfortunately, people who don’t understand about depression think that depressed persons are overreacting and overemotional. They also think that they are weak because they easily give up on a small matter and not religious enough to believe that God will help them. Some of my friends also have the same thought when they share about what they feel about Chester’s death. It’s a shame that they easily talk like that when they cannot see other perspectives, especially when they can’t fit themselves in his shoes. For a religious man who believes that God is his savior, they can pray to their God and feel their problems lifted because they have faith. For people who trust themselves, they are strong enough to overcome any problem because they have faith that the problem will go away in a matter of time. Faith is what they have to stand and live their lives.

Nevertheless, it’s a different story to people who don’t have any form of faith. People who have already felt kicked out and stomped on ever since they were children are easy to be shaken. People who are constantly left out and humiliated also have a little faith in them even though they are no longer seen as losers when they are older. Moreover, not all people believe of the God’s existence. Thus, who should they trust? Their friends? Family? What if they still feel empty and heavily burdened though they have talked to friends and family? What should they do when they no longer trust themselves and the world? That’s what happened to Chester Bennington and Robin Williams. Chester had rant through his songs. Robin had cheered himself by entertaining other people. Yet, why they still chose to end their lives?

This writing will solely discuss about Chester Bennington’s death because it’s still new and the case can be related to many people. To be honest, it’s hard for me to write about this because it’s an emotional topic. I may not have a severe depression but I know what it feels like to be depressed. I never check myself to a psychiatry but I know that I have an anxiety problem due to my low self-esteem which causes my depression sometimes. However, I will talk about this as my method to cope with my problems and make people understand other perspectives.

Depression may come from different causes, either from a small problem like getting a low grade until a bigger one like Chester’s. We still don’t have a cure for depression for it revolves around our mind or brain to be precise. Chester once had said that he “can either just give up and fucking die or I can fucking fight for what I want” and every morning was a struggle for him. He had tried to fight his demons by a therapy and recording the band’s newest album which had proved quite “therapeutic”, containing “hopefulness”, and “moving forward” (source: independent.co.uk). Moreover, his songs make people learn about sense of belonging, hybrid, demons, and life. Learn that life is indeed hard and we need to fight it and be strong. We become stronger while he still lost and gave up. That, my friends, is a proof that depression is not as easy to fight as it seems to be. He had fame, family, friends, money, therapy, and music as his medicine but he still felt that demon. His brain still felt lonely and hurt. Brain is the most powerful thing inside our body so if your brain has already felt wrong and hurt, your body can do nothing about that. So does the most skillful doctor.

How do we lessen the depression? Listen to their problem. Understand it. Talk to them. Help them. Love them. Be their friend. Those still can’t guarantee curing depression but, at least, the depression will not worsen that fast. Furthermore, we need to help them to build their confidence in themselves so that they won’t see themselves as losers. It’s important to not ever see their problems as a piece of cake or regard them as a weakling or emotional. You’ll never know how they feel about certain things so please be a human and respect them. If they choose to write it down instead of talking, respect it. Everyone has their own coping mechanism. Do not ever force them to believe what you believe. Make your eyes wide open so that you can see things in different perspectives. Nonetheless, if they still choose to end their lives after what you’ve done for them, please try to not blame and judge them. Let’s just hope that it will not happen again and try harder to love them because death is not always the answer.

If you have any thoughts about this topic, please share it below. I’ll be glad to have friends in discussing this and let other people know that depression is a serious matter. Thank you


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