A Long Road

One fine day, a white Rabbit met a brown Horse in a clearing of a jungle. The Rabbit who saw him first greeted the Horse.

Rabbit, “Hey Horse! What are you doing in this part of clearing? It’s far away from your home, isn’t it?”

Horse, “Hi Rabbit. I was from Mr. Piggy’s house to deliver two stacks of hay.”

Rabbit, “Oh… But, you can take a shortcut from your house to Mr. Piggy’s so why did you take this road?”

Horse, “I did actually take the shortcut when I went to his house in the morning. However, I always go down the hill to this clearing every time I have an order from that village. It has become my routine.”

Rabbit, “Oh, I see… But, aren’t you tired walking for eight miles from the village to your house? If I were you, I would be exhausted by the time I reached four miles of walking.”

Horse, “At first, I felt completely exhausted too. However, I become used to the long walk. I especially like to take this road on my way home because I can enjoy the trees, flowers, and this clearing. The view can make my body instantly fresh. That’s why I rather choose this road, walk slowly, and sometimes stop at the clearing to enjoy the view and fresh air.”

Rabbit, “You’re right. This part of the woods is beautiful but I still will take the shortcut everytime I go somewhere.”


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