LGBT and Society

Recently, a hot issue is being debated by many Indonesian people. This issue is actually a hot topic around the world because both pro and con sides have the same amount of followers who fight their arguments wholeheartedly. The issue is about LGBT, specifically about society’s act towards the LGBT people. It is an interesting topic to be discussed and, to be honest, I am one of the many people who gives my respect to the group. This act does not come eventually but it arises with reasons.

I cannot deny that in my culture and religion, LGBT is a taboo thing and highly prohibited. Both of them agree that God creates Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. However, can we rely to that statement if we talk about treating people as human beings in this twenty-first century? My answer is no. Since the awareness of all human are born equal arising, people from every country have been trying to initiate some movements regarding equality, whether it is about gender, class, race, labor, or sexuality. Suniti Namjoshi, for example, is an Indian author of Feminist Fables who is known for her controversial LGBT standpoint. She is a literary scholar and a lesbian. She fights for women equality as well as her sexual orientation through her sarcasm written in her works. Henry James, furthermore, had written about homosexuality in all his novels although his works had been banned by government in all his life. However, his novels, now, are a treasure for every literary scholar in the whole world because we can analyze every single thing happened in the novels thoroughly. In Indonesia, many groups including literary scholars and feminists also participate in this movement whether by writing or directly speaking in public. These efforts are done to remind that LGBT people are after all human. Thus, they are no different with people who claim themselves as “the holly and legal heterosexual.”

Nowadays, these groups are constantly having a heated argument with people who agree with the opinion of the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, Muhammad Nasir. Muhammad Nasir states that LGBT people should not go to college and be allowed to join or initiate a club and every activity there (for further information, you can go to the link below). This shocking statement, of course, leaves many objections and encouragement from the cons and pros, creating the most hot topic debate in social media, television and newspaper. Many literary scholars and reliable newspapers including Pusat Kajian Gender dan Seksualitas of Faculty of Social and Political Science in University of Indonesia (Puska GenSeks FISIP UI), Rolling Stones, and Kompas release their own opinion regarding Nasir’s statement. The three of them agree that the prohibition of LGBT people in getting a higher education, gathering, and participating seminar is highly unfair. It is because they believe that Indonesian Constitution, UUD 1945, has guaranteed that every Indonesian people can have education. It is discussed in Article 31 of UUD 1945.  Furthermore, Puska GenSeks FISIP UI argues that this prohibition is unreasonable for he will shut off all research about sexuality effecting in knowledge limitation. This limitation will bring into the degeneration of our country. There will be no more justice and equality in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Kompas, a trusted and popular Indonesian newspaper, claims that LGBT is not a mental illness. Quoting dr.Roslan Yusni Hasan, a surgeon in Mayapada Jakarta hospital, and Andri, Sp.KJ., a psychiatrist, kompas says that human is an Omni sexual so that human may possibly in love with everything depends on their brains. Thus, it cannot be cured by marrying “the right one.” The society, Andri suggests, should learn to appreciate and tolerate the difference.

I have met and known LGBT people in my social and education life and am sure that they are no different with the rest of us. They wear clothes, have a fashion style, eat food, read books, pray, and talk. Many of them are smart and intelligent so that I can get a new knowledge from them regarding my major. They are very kind and friendly to give and share what they know. In addition, their works inspire me so much in brooding my thought, writing my essay, and building my character. They also teach me to appreciate and tolerate the difference for every human is born differently.  Thus, I think Muhammad Nassar’s statement which excludes LGBT people from society is unreasonable and unfair because it is lack of humanity. We are human whom God gives brain to think and conscience to hear. Besides, doesn’t every religion teach us to respect the difference in every human beings? Doesn’t every religion teach us to treat everything equally? Finally, is it right for society to exclude, bully, mock, and violate LGBT people?


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The Hollow

It’s never been this cold before.

The silence and emptiness are haunting every little shadow on the corner.

The wind is quiet. Yet, it’s still cold in here.

There is a tree but no bug is seen.

The tree stands like a king. Yet, it’s still cold in here.

Once, when the wind still brought a breeze, it’s green and glee.

Once, everything was a rainbow,

but now it’s only a bow of black and blue.

Everything is fear;

Everything is clear.