Good Film (?)

Good Film (?)


A Radio Drama


Andhini Rengganis


Andhini Rengganis as Esa (20)

Fitri Novianti as Novi (20)

Ade Maria Partiani as Maria (20)

Melinda Hardianti Lestari as Tari (20)

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SFX: honking car in deep distance, chatters and footsteps are mainly in the background.

Music: Bruno Mars – Just the Way You are

Maria (moving a chair): Gosh! The final exam took my time away and now my brain needs some nutrition. (shouting) I’m starving!

Esa (sighing): at least you don’t have any final assignment again. It’s still a long way to go for me.

Tari: What kind of assignment do you have right now? Maybe we can help.

Esa (clearing throat): I have a final assignment for my Creative Writing class and I plan to make a film. If the instructor thinks my film is good enough, it will be published not only in the Scribere for English Unpad WordPress but also in Scribere Jatinangor WordPress which is super awesome. However, I never make film and I don’t know how to make a good one. Do you have any idea how to make a good film?

Tari: Really? (Clapping) Wow that’s great, Sa! Let me tell you this. I have watched many short films from varied genres and love life is best of the best. Do you know Paper or Plastic? It’s about a girl who always wears a plastic bag on her head to cover her face and one day she meets a boy who falls in love with her. She doubts at first because of her “plastic face” but the boy, for he really loves her, is willing to cover his face with a paper bag so that the girl won’t be ashamed of herself again. Isn’t it romantic? I don’t know how but I sure think it’s a good film.

Music: Muse – Supermassive Black Hole

Novi (slamming the table): No, it’s lame! Listen, action is the new north star nowadays. Fast and Furious, The Avengers, Taken, and Abduction are the trending topics of all time! However, my favorite is Real Steel because it combines robots, action, and family at the same time. The charismatic Hugh Jackman plays a role of an ex-boxer as well as a father. It’s really a good film and undoubtedly your film will become a block-buster if you decide to choose an action.

Maria: Nay, nay. We can’t make an action film here in Jatinangor. With streets full of honking horn and shops, black smokes dancing in the air, and a mountain full of plastic everywhere, it is certainly not gaining any attention from audience. Horror, however, will be different. Do you know Jembatan Cincin? Rumors said it that many weird and horror events occur on that bridge. If you can adapt the story, people will definitely come to watch your film. Indonesian are very interested in horror you know. Rumah Pondok Indah is the perfect example of a good horror film. Thus, I am sure it will be epic if you film a horror genre because it’s a good one.

SFX: Clinking of plate being put down.

Tari: Who said it? I think you have a terrible source, Maria. Besides, it’s a short film and horror must take a long time to write and watch. No, no it’s not good. It’s better to make a romantic film because it’s simple. Right Esa? What’s your opinion?

Esa (sighing): Um… Honestly, I like all genres you had said because they have their own charms. But, I have a budget issue and I think those genres need a lot of money. What I have in my mind is a simple short film, yet the audience like it. (snapping fingers) Ah, just like Robert Rodriguéz’s short film, Bedhead! He uses his sister and brother to play in the movie and his house as the setting, so the budget is cheaper I guess. However, the film is quite good for a low cost production. Furthermore, it only takes eight minutes! Can you believe that? (sighing) How I really wish to be a talented writer and director like him.

Novi (scoffing): Who is this Rodriguéz guy? I only know, and he is my favorite, Steven Spielberg as the best director in the whole world. Real Steel and Transformers are in my top excellent movie lists which Spielberg has made. I have watched it like a hundred times but the excited feeling still hangs in my vein all the way sending the signal through my heart. I don’t know about you guys but I swear those films are good.

Mariah (sighing): You and your fetish about robot.

Esa: Wow… wow… Calm down guys. (Coughing) I appreciate all of your brilliant ideas. Now, I have some lists about the title of a good film and what I have to do is brainstorming and searching about things that makes film a good one. (Tapping finger) I wonder what makes them so good? Do you guys have any idea?

SFX: Clinking of fork, spoon, and plate dominating the table. Slowly, chatters and music are getting louder.

Music: The Beatles – Let It Be

The End

This Radio Drama will not and cannot be dramatized if it is not because of my kind, hilarious, silly friends. Thank you to Ade Maria Partiani, Fitri Novianti, and Melinda Hardianti Lestari. I owe you and I love you guys.


  • Raymond Carver’s What We Talk about When We Talk about Love (Short Story 1981)
  • Rex Obano’s Lovers Rock (BBC Radio Drama: 2012)

Perspectives in Perspective

The Thinker Statue
The Thinker Statue

I usually thought that England was the best country in the whole world, but it was before I took the course Survey of English Literature: Elizabethan to Victorian Period in the college. At first, I thought this course would only tell me whose works are famous in Elizabethan to Victorian period and how their structures are, but it turns out to be more than what I have expected. The course teaches me not only of knowing the cultural development in England but also of seeing their works in my own perspective. Moreover, it invites me to see the “other world” of the cultural development in England as well as other countries and changes my perspective of them though it is not that much.

I begin to feel the changes when I read an article from Metro TV News about two reporters from National Geographic who are caught because they break their visa by filming a story about pirates in Batam. It is not about their arrestment which makes me interested, but their purpose for filming about pirates catches my attention. It is as if they consider the ancestors of Indonesian people are pirates and maybe that is why the word “bogeyman” invented – it perhaps comes from an ethnic group in Indonesia, Bugis, who by any chance is famous with pirates’ stories in Western countries. I have that argument from the novel Gulliver’s Travel by Jonathan Swift and my instructor’s story about the biography of Red Rackham in The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Both stories indirectly tell about the colonialism which England and other European countries do in eighteenth century though they, England, prefer to call it “enlightenment”. Here, I should explain why I choose the term “colonialism” rather than “enlightenment” for my argument. England uses “enlightenment” as their term because they consider themselves as a lighthouse which gives its surrounding a light (knowledge) and makes them escape from total blackness (stupidity). Meanwhile, the countries which receive their “light” consider it as “colonialism” because British takes their natural resources as well as uses their human resources by force. I again get it from the course and it affects me in reading and interpreting all novels. This new perspective also helps me in analyzing a British novel, Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, for another course. There, I found a form of colonialism in Mr. Earnshaw’s journey to Liverpool and the unknown background of Heathcliff – the characters in the story regard him as a gipsy or a rascal because his skin is not white or black – who is found in Liverpool’s harbour.

Furthermore, it makes me more critical – talkative – in watching films or reading books from Europe or America. I begin to comment all events that is presented in the story, so it causes a debate between me and my friend or my family if I disagree to their opinions. This is because the course encourages me to speak freely about every work discussed in class although I did not talk frequently if the instructor gave a chance. However, my friends and family regard my “critical” argument as a bothersome because I always say my disagreement and the possibility of “other world” perspective to them in every chance. Although they think this new “character” is a “bothersome”, I rather say it as “the advantage of being an English literature student” because I can see an event from many different perspective without being influenced. This situation happened when my grandmother said Abad Kejayaan, a Turkey colossal drama in ANTV, is an inspirational story of King Suleiman, its dynasty, and Islam. I, with all of my heart, protested her argument because the drama implicitly shows the negative sides of Islam, the dynasty, and its king although the production team manages to cover it by the Greek god look of its actors. The result of my protest was my grandmother would not talk to me until the next day.

In conclusion, what must be remembered in reading literary works, in this case British literature, is I must be able to stand in my own perspective also know varied perspectives. I cannot judge a work or a history is unacceptable or definitely true because history is, after all, a story made by people and so does literature. This course teaches me to build a “wait a minute!” filter so that every information I receive will be analyzed first before putting any statement. Therefore, it changes me in the matter of processing an information and encouraging me to speak my argument as loudly as I can without feeling inferior although some people consider it as a nuisance.