Run Into You


Facing the cold wind I run into you.

With my eyes carrying the tears, I look straight into you.

The memories fly in my head like the fairy-dust in Peterpan.

They tell me that you are there waiting for me.

Your smile woke me up from my slumber and took me into you.

Yeah, baby, please wait for me.

An ant is what I am now.

Finding my sweetheart to keep me alive and fight.

I’m sorry to have stomped on you because now I feel the pain stomps on my heart when I think about you.

I know I love you since these eyes saw your foxy-like eyes.

I drowned in the darkness of your eyeball and cannot comeback from its deep.

Let me run into you and kiss you like the first you asked me to be your world.

I keep running on this cold grass like you kept running to get my heart.

No, I don’t care about the moon who stares at me.

I even give no hope to the stars who blink and spark.

It’s just you whom I want, whom I care.

Let me run into you and hug you tight.

Then, I will stand by your side and hold your hand and never let it go.

No, not this time.

You are my breath now. My world and my light.

Let us conquer the world with our never ending love.

Let us beat the moon and the stars with our booming smile.