His Eyes

He was amazed with the graceful which God gave him in his life.

The green soft scented grass and the cool flowing transparent river made his eyes full of delight.

He looked up and widened his eyes when his hair moved to the right for the east-wind flew it out.


The Dark Side of The Light

Everyone always says that there is a light in every dark and that light will bring us to our happiness. That light also brings us to the solution of all the problems. They also say that every human will have that “light”. Nevertheless, I feel the opposite feeling. Every time I have the light, there is always be a dark standing beside it. It is only a spot, but the spot has so many impacts to me.

That dark spot always makes me feel gloomy in the sunny day. On sunny Sunday morning, I laughed with my friends about our life, our college, our friends, and our crush. However, my eyes went down and I could not smile after I went home. Somehow, I felt guilty about what I had done. In addition, I would suddenly cry after smiling at the sunshine. I do not know what that feeling is, but it always happens.

Moreover, that dark spot will make me mad. I was never mad before, yet I was yelling and throwing my pillows on September 2013. That mad makes some changes in me and one of them is I easily think negative about others.

The other impact is that dark spot will make me lose my hope. It happens almost every day. When I have a big optimism about my plan in the future, it will crash within a second. I am not pretty sure about the reason; there is always a problem comes to block my hope. People said that I should force my self to get it and sure that I can get it, but it still stopped me from hopping.

That dark-losing thing never disappear. I get rid of it. But after a long time, I get used to it. That dark side will forever be my part of life, so I will not erase it. I will only say “Hi” to it and tell it “Can we be friend?”