The Fact Behind Name

When we were born, our parents gave us a name to identify us later in the future. Name is the important thing because without name we cannot identify ourselves. Name is also reflected our personality. There is always something behind our name. And that is what I want to tell in this post. Actually it is more about my self.

My parents, especially my dad, gave me Andhini Rengganis as my name. I had ever asked him what the meaning is, but he never answers. I am wondering what the meaning is because in my house, my family called me as Esa rather than Andhini. Someday, I asked my mother about the secret behind my name. She said that my father gave it because he was inspired by the mountain in my village, Mount Rengganis. She also said that Rengganis is a name of a princess who lived in my village long time ago and she was very beautiful both in her look and attitude. Everyone loved her because of her kindness and that is why people regarded her by putting her name on the mountain. My mother told me that my father wants me to become not only a beautiful lady but also a lovely lady who is liked by all people. I was amazed when I heard it. My father wishes me to be (probably) like that. It is a hard thing off course but I try to be like that. At least close to. Then it comes my first name. It is quite weird I think. Andhini is the mix of my mom and my dad’s name. So, I concluded that my dad gave Andhini Rengganis as my name because he wants other people to know that I am his daughter and he also wants me to be a lovely girl whom he can proud of.

After that, I am wondering again where the name Esa comes because it does not related to my name at all. To my surprise, my grandfather created it. He said that he called me that way because my mother had a caesarian when she gave birth to me. caESArian. I know that it sounds really weird but I like it. It is simpler that Andhini and it also has a meaning. Esa means one in my language. Thus, I came to a conclusion that if I combined my real name and my nickname, it means that there is one and only Andhini Rengganis in my family and she is the daughter of my dad and my mom who has a beautiful look and personality. It is only my thought but I think that it is the meaning behind my name. After I found out the meaning behind my name, I become in love with my name and there is no reason to hate my name. I really should say thank you to my dad for giving me a meaningful name. Therefore, I will use it and never change it no matter what.


An Apology Letter

I have a really busy schedule in this past month and it makes me don’t have any time to “throw up” my ideas on my Microsoft Words. It’s a nonsense reason I know because there are so many people out there who is busier than me but they still write on their blog. For me, I can’t save my time wisely on scheduling all my works between my study and my work at home. I have been trying to write every time I have some free time, but the idea doesn’t show up. Honestly, I really miss the time when I sat in my room and brainstorming along with my notebook then upload it on my blog. I wish I will have some free time in the future though I’m not really sure of it. I don’t know if there is someone who is waiting for my next writing (but I think there’s no one would due to my writing which is not good at all and there are still many deficiency in my writing) and disappointed because of my incompetence in managing the time. Therefore, I hope we will meet again sometime in the near future and also I apologize of this simple problem. I love all my readers. Thank you….