That Annoying Things

That annoying moment when you are downloading something and it’s already a half way to complete, the IDM tells you that it’s error and the web address is not valid.

That annoying moment when you are watching something on Youtube, your internet connection is disconnected or it is buffering.

That annoying moment when you are in the middle of works which need internet connection, the connection is as slow as a snail.

That annoying moment when you are surfing in the internet, the battery of your notebook is low and suddenly turns off.

That annoying moment when you are playing games, watching movies, or surfing in the internet on your notebook, you can’t find a comfortable position which is lasting for four hours.

That annoying moment when you are in a good mood for writing something, someone disturbs you with his/her useless conversation and it makes you forget about your writing ideas.

That annoying moment when you have a passion to write, you could only stare at your notebook with a blank-eyes without typing something.

That annoying moment when you don’t have any ideas to write something great, you decide to write some things which annoy you.


A Story at the Midnight

Does it only happen to me or everybody also feel the same? When I really feel that my eyes are sat by a ton of elephants and I already lay on my bed, I can’t go to the dreamland. No matter how hard I try to sleep and convince myself that I really tired, I can’t close my eyes. Whenever I lay on my bed to fetch my dream, there are always some thoughts which fly inside my brain. It is at 11 p.m., my brain always think about what I have done all day, my worries, what I should do on the next morning, or some inspiration come into my mind and force me to open my notebook and write it. In the dark of my room, I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling. I stare on it like there is a shadow of my imagination reflects on the top of my room. It always happens every day (that’s the reason why I chose present tense) and it makes my head really dizzy in the next morning.

I move my body next to the wall and try to close my eyes again. But still, the thought in my head is running like crazy. It appears in my head and makes me think hard at the midnight. I always say to myself that I can think about it again in the next morning. However, when the sun is shining, all my thought is gone. I turn on my notebook and try to write what I have thought last night, but it turns to play some games. I only could stare at the Microsoft Office Word without writing anything on it. All my inspirations and creativity disappear like a dust.

On the next day, the clock struck twelve and rings twelve times. I open my eyes and I can see the dark of my room. There’s nothing sound at all and it makes the atmosphere scarier. On that condition, people will choose to close their eyes and hide behind the blanket. But I didn’t. I decided to wake up and open my notebook. I wrote anything which appeared in my head with a high spirit. However, it was only my imagination. At that time, I prefer to save all my thoughts and hid behind the warmth of a blanket. I decided to write it in the next morning and hoped it won’t disappear. Unfortunately, it was gone like the wind. When I opened my eyes, I don’t remember anything. I blame myself over and over again, but I redo all the actions – which make me regret on the next morning – on the next midnight.

Does it only happen to me?

Why do I can’t remember it on the next morning?

Why do creativity and inspiration always come at the midnight?



Paramore is my favorite band since I was in the Junior High School. That’s the reason why I’d like to write about them. I won’t write about their members, songs, awards, albums, etc because you can find it easily in google. Thus, I’ll write about my point of view of their music, genre, members, etc.

I like Paramore because they have an alternative rock genre which different with others. Why is it different? The first reason is the woman vocal. Hayley has a unique technique vocal which we can know by the time when we hear it. She can reach the high vocal without any falsetto and it’s really amazing for a woman who sings rock song. Another reason is their music which in my point of view is really eargasm. The beat of the drum, the string of the guitar, and heart-beating bass are really a perfect combination. They write their own songs and they arrange their own music. The third is because their heart-catching songs. It’s not only about love but also about friendship and dreams. The last but not least is their love to Parafamily. They really appreciate the fans and show their love through the songs. They always reply fan’s messages whether in social media or through fan meeting.

As the time goes by, Paramore’s music change from alternative rock which is full of high tones and high sound of music to a little bit calmer. Frankly, I’m a little bit disappointed with it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, but it’s really unfortunate if they change their music. The high tones of the vocal and music are the main characteristic of Paramore, so it makes their music lose a really good character of their band. I still like the music though. However, I miss their rock music which can make my head banging over and over again and sing as loud as I could. Yeah, I really miss it.

The reason why they change their music (off course it’s from my own opinion) is because they lost two members who play guitar and drum. Since that time, I saw that their music change into a calm one. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a drummer in their band, so they can’t get their old genre. They use another person to take the drum but not as the permanent member. It’s only to fill the “empty space” and to complete the arrangement of the music. I don’t know whether it is true or not as it’s just my analysis.

When I heard about the leaving of the two members, I was wondering what the problem is. I searched and searched to find the reason and finally I can pick up the line. From what I saw and read, the reason why they decided to leave the band is because the dominant role of Hayley Williams. She appears more in the music video and gets more spotlights on every stage. Moreover, people who don’t know Paramore really well only recognize Hayley. It’s really regrettable that they left the band while they can talk and complain or suggest something about it.

Even though they have lost two members, the dominant role still exists. Hayley still becomes the dominant member on every stage or music videos. She comes more often in music video than the rest two members. It’s also the reason of my disappointed because Taylor and Jeremy have their right to appear more in music video because they are also the members of Paramore. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like Hayley, I just want the role of each members more fair. Just like what I have said before that I like the unique vocal of her. Besides, she is also pretty in her red hair and tattoos which lay on her body.

However, I still enjoy their songs. I have become their fans for almost six years and maybe that’s the reason why I can’t live the band so easily. Their songs can make my day brighten and also throw up my emotions. In addition, they still have a good quality in producing music. Therefore, I will support them until I don’t have any passion into music (which is impossible).