This blog is an electronic diary of the writer who tries to explore many genres in writing. Thus, you may find this blog really self-centered and imaginative in every piece of the story but the writer hopes that she will gain a better skill at writing so that people will love to read all her writings.

There are four main categories in this blog: Shining Stars, Self-Centered, Sepatah Kata, and Beauty and The Bits. Shining Stars is mostly filled with essay, poetry and short fiction while Self-Centered is another name of writer’s diary written (mostly) in English. There is also Sepatah Kata section which has the same function with Self-Centered although all contents in Sepatah Kata will be written in Bahasa Indonesia. The newest section is called Beauty and The Bits (yeah, I know it’s cliché) which consists of beauty tips and tricks, fashion, and lifestyle. You are given the authority to choose any of the writings from all categories and of course, you may also like and or comments/critiques. The writer will be glad to read all your comments then try to fix all the mistakes which she made in the story. Therefore, she will learn how to write excellent writing later in the future.

Uncategorized is also included in this blog though it contains some writings which the writer herself does not know where actually in this blog is fit to place those. Once again, the reader has the green-card to choose whatever writings from any category you want to read.

Finally, the writer wants to say her grateful to every followers, readers, and visitors of this blog. It has been her honor to have people, though not many, who like her writings. Nonetheless, due to her priority to focus on her job, she cannot update her blog routinely. Thus, she is trying her best to keep on writing and updating her blog with her new works. Enjoy the writings and Viva La Vida!


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